The previews are in from news outlets! Check out the snippets below, then follow the links to the full articles.

  • CVG: "The reflections form a convincing shimmer effect that leaves your car looking as though it belongs in the world it inhabits - a trick many racing games still struggle with to this day."
  • Digital Spy: "Swapping paint becomes a guilty pleasure again as car bodies crumple and bonnets fly, and the enhanced physics are genuinely noticeable even to the casual observer, especially as you rattle the car over a grid of steaming vents as you speed out of a tunnel."
  • Eurogamer: "Trash blows across the track in the wind, sparks scatter from the L trains above, and a soaring jet etches its contrails across the sky...Grid 2 instantly makes you feel like a Top Gear test driver."
  • Gamesradar: "We've played it. We've crashed over the Armco of the Californian coastline and into the blue sky beyond. And we're here to tell you everything we can because we're ridiculously excited about it. This has the potential to be the best racing game of the generation. Perhaps ever."
  • The Guardian: "...what we've experienced of it so far bodes phenomenally well. The cars feel much more real than any we've ever experienced in a game – and that includes Gran Turismo 5 and, especially, Forza...It looks magnificent..."
  • The Huffington Post: "You experience the reality of the race as if you were in a movie, making it unrelenting escapist entertainment. And that is the triumph of the art direction. The action is all "shot" as if by a film director. That puts this game at the forefront of the best games produced today."
  • IGN: "The immediate impression is that handling seems much improved from the first Grid...Grid 2 is already looking like a must-have. It’s been a long four years, but clearly a case of time well spent."
  • PlayStation Magazine: "’s chuffing brilliant...I’m immediately impressed by the blend of speed and subtlety – quickly hitting top gear on straights, but having to swing my back end out just right to nip around corners. It feels like a real sprint through compact city streets."
  • The Sixth Axis: "'s bigger and better than you might have hoped for..."