• Pseudobread

    It's been five years since the original Grid, an excellent racing game that was easily the best of its time. With the now standard Flashbacks and a near perfect blend of arcade and simulation gameplay, it offered something for everyone. A lot has changed in the meantime though, and other racing games have built off of what Grid pioneered. Does the sequel have what it takes to reclaim its racing throne?

    Check out the critical response below and let us know your thoughts in the comments section!

    Grid 2 has received no negative reviews as of yet.

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  • EliteRacing343

    GRID 2 is LIVE

    May 28, 2013 by EliteRacing343

    Today, GRID 2 is has been released! What system did you buy it for and if you would like to comment your gamertag so everyone can race with you.

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  • Raylan13

    Grid 2 reviews

    February 4, 2013 by Raylan13

    The previews are in from news outlets! Check out the snippets below, then follow the links to the full articles.

    • CVG: "The reflections form a convincing shimmer effect that leaves your car looking as though it belongs in the world it inhabits - a trick many racing games still struggle with to this day."
    • Digital Spy: "Swapping paint becomes a guilty pleasure again as car bodies crumple and bonnets fly, and the enhanced physics are genuinely noticeable even to the casual observer, especially as you rattle the car over a grid of steaming vents as you speed out of a tunnel."
    • Eurogamer: "Trash blows across the track in the wind, sparks scatter from the L trains above, and a soaring jet etches its contrails across the sky...Grid 2 instantly makes you…
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